About Us

We are the leading American company when it comes to integrative medicine solutions that meet the needs of a healthy lifestyle of the modern society and a promoter of beauty through natural cosmetics made with high-quality ingredients. We are specialized in promoting natural products for health more precisely a wide variety of dietary supplements, beauty products, and naturopath consultancy services.

Our story began in 1999 as a family business with a different activity profile. At the beginning of 2001, we started the transformation to what we are today by making this brand one of the first naturalistic stores in the city. In 2002, we evolved into a small Consultation Center which promotes the concept of integrative medicine. At the same time, we started researching the possibility of adding dietary supplements to our portfolio and 2004 marks the beginning of our current profile.

We have earned the trendsetter position among the promoters of health products as the first company to introduce the concept of integrative medicine and the use of innovative ingredients like medicinal mushrooms, 5-HTP,  standardized herbal extracts, resveratrol, colostrum, glutathione, GABA, L-Citrulline and many others.

At this moment, our product portfolio counts more than 250 natural dietary supplements and a complex range of natural care products of phyto-derma cosmetics and natural cosmetics, made by leading US manufacturers. It is essential to reassure our customers that all of the products promoted by us are made respecting the highest standards of purity and freshness on the market. Our products are available in over 18,000 pharmacies and stores nationwide.

Since the beginning, we wanted to make people aware that food and sports are the essential ingredients for the quality of life of every individual.  Also, the need for the American market has created the conditions for research and, subsequently, the emergence of several products in the range of food supplements. We focused on nutrition in general and on creating a balance in body weight. We invested our time, money and energy in promoting sport as an essential activity in the concept of health, so we launched a range of products specifically designed for performance athletes. We consider that health means taking care of your body from the inside and also from the outside, so we brought to our portfolio products devoted to external nutrition as well. This effort materialized through the import of several products in the Skin Range.


We believe that we are all in a constant learning process. Nobody knows exactly what to do to live a long and healthy life since we were not born with a manual of instructions, but we strongly believe that were born with all the gifts and treasures of mother nature hidden in us. We have all the answers asleep within our conscious we just need to find a way to get to them. This site aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in complete harmony with nature.

We are not trying to teach anyone what they need and how they should live, we are here to discover together how to do that. We are a team of people like any other with different professions and concerns, people who want to learn more and to share further.

We support the approach of integrative medicine through exceptional natural products, scientifically researched and through specialized consultancy services, through our Integration Medicine Center.

We continuously focus our efforts on informing, promoting and educating both the consumer and the professional environment including physicians and pharmacists. In support of this approach, we launched “Perspectives, Integrative Medicine Journal”, the first publication of the American integrationist medicine, and a monthly magazine containing a collection of mini-cyclopedias about children’s health.

We continuously provide information on the latest scientific discoveries and studies on the ingredients and products in our portfolio and collaborate with specialists across the country, organizing with them clinical and observational studies on portfolio products to prove the effectiveness of applying the concept of integrative medicine – the association of therapies allopaths with innovative food supplements.


We believe health means balance and vitality. We think the movement of  Integrative medicine can be sustained through exceptional natural products, scientifically researched, through the challenging process of research, education and specialized consultancy, but mainly through competent, skilled and dedicated people. We firmly believe we can improve the quality of people’s lives through the most advanced prevention and treatment solutions of integrative medicine that can offer the modern consumer a healthy lifestyle.

We aim to continue our efforts to strengthen leadership in the field through Performance, Partnership, Determination, and Trust.

We became an authority in this field of activity because we believe in these values which represent guidelines in our activity:

Performance – To be an authority, it requires performance – that means, know-how, permanent development, creativity, and perseverance. To be an authority, you must be the first to identify and understand the trends and the first to propose complete and innovative solutions of integrative medicine responsibly.

Partnership – To be an authority, close collaboration with partners is needed – and that requires open communication, team spirit, long-term relationship building, based on seriousness and fairness.

Determination  – To be an authority, both personal and group commitment is needed – this includes strong aspirations, ambition, enthusiasm and devotion to be the best.

Trust – To be an authority, we need to be worthy of trust every single day – that means to be ready at any time to prove to our partners that through our innovative portfolio and business strategies, fairness and optimistic spirit, we are a professional team that will not disappoint.