Nucific BIO X4 – Effective or Disappointing?

Nucific BIO X4 is a nutritional supplement that is claimed to have four potent and proven ingredients that are supposed to work together to help us regulate our weight. The main ingredients are actually blends of digestive enzymes that can make the body absorb nutrients better, of probiotics that promote a healthy digestive system, of 5HTP that has appetite suppressing abilities, and of green tea extracts that are supposed to help us burn more calories on a daily basis by increasing our metabolic rates.


Are the ingredients of Nucific BIO X4 really proven to be effective?

The manufacturers of Nucific BIO X4 have made tons of claims about the ingredients in their product, but to be sure of the effectiveness of this supplement, we thought we should take a closer look at the science behind each of these ingredients. First of all, we have the probiotics which are the beneficial bacteria that reside in our digestive systems and keep our guts healthy and our weights regulated. Nucific BIO X4 is said to contain the following strains of probiotics: a blend of Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. Plantarum) and a blend of Bifidobacterium (B. lactis and B animalis).

Although probiotics have been proven to be effective in treating various ailments like lung infections, yeast infections, various digestive issues or even Crohn’s disease, there is not a lot of clinical evidence that probiotics can actually help with weight regulation. Also, the medicinal supplementation with probiotics is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet, and some scientists believe that using probiotics from supplements is not going to be effective because they can be destroyed by the stomach acids instantly. In conclusion, the most probiotics can do right now for the human body is to increase digestive health and prevent some digestive issues. At the same time, even though Nucific BIO X4 is advertised as a side effect free supplement, probiotics do cause some possible side effects like temporary gas, bloating or stomachaches but they are not severe.

The blend of digestive enzymes in Nucific BIO X4 contains three essential elements called amylase, bromelain, and lipase. Each of these digestive enzymes can be very beneficial in different ways, but just like probiotics, they do not have a lot of scientific proof to support them, and that makes the weight loss effectiveness questionable.

Amylase is an enzyme that mainly helps our body with digesting carbs, but supplementing with it does not have the same effect. However, it can reduce various types of inflammation if it is taken as a supplement.

Bromelain is also an enzyme that helps with digestion but this time, the absorption of protein. It can be beneficial if we want to treat indigestion or if we want to reduce inflammation or prevent infections from various injuries, but again, this one does not seem to have any weight loss abilities either.

The third digestive enzyme, lipase is also helpful in breaking down proteins into amino acids in the body and taking it as a supplement could help with digestive issues like indigestion, gas or bloating. This one does not have any studies behind it either, and it is not proven to be effective for weight loss purposes. Also, most people already have enough amylase and lipase in their system even if they do not have the healthiest diet so supplementing with them is not exactly necessary. Bromelain could be useful, however, but only for better digestion and not for aid in weight loss.

Are there any other ingredients in Nucific Bio X4 that could create side effects?

Nucific BIO X4 does have two more ingredients, and they can be a little bit worrisome for some people because they can actually create some side effects. The first one we are going to talk about is called 5HTP and it is supposed to be an appetite suppressor and a mood enhancer. The main evidence we could find about 5HTP is how it helped people treat depression and fibromyalgia because there have been a lot of studies about that. However, we also found a few smaller studies where the results were not exactly what we wanted to hear.

In one study, the subjects who were supplementing with 5HTP were able to lose up to two percent of their body weight in about eight weeks. However, the dosage of 5HTP was very high which is not ideal at all because high dosages of this element can create serious side effects in the long term. One other study was actually sort of promising because it showed how participants who were taking 5HTP had a reduced amount of cravings during the supplementation period.

There are some side effects to the 5HTP ingredient which can be a little bit alarming even if they are not extremely serious because the company that produces Nucific Bio X4 claims that their supplement does not cause any kind of side effect. But either way, 5HTP causes mild side effects like nausea, bloating, heartburn, gas and stomach discomfort. High doses of this ingredient could be hazardous because they can lead to serotonin syndrome. Unfortunately, this is the third ingredient in Nucific Bio X4 that has inconclusive results for its weight loss properties.

Green Tea extract is the final ingredient that is listed on the label of Nucific Bio X4, but this one might actually be effective because it has been proven that green tea can improve the health of the cardiovascular and metabolic system. Studies have shown it can also boost metabolism and help us burn fat at a faster rate. This ingredient does not have actual side effects, but it does contain caffeine which can create sleep problems especially if we are sensitive to these types of stimulants.

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Effective or Not?

This supplement seems to have more potential for digestive problems than for weight loss which is not really what we expected. We also do not appreciate the fact that the claims of the company seem untrue. Most of the ingredients are actually not proven to be effective for weight loss purposes and a lot of them do cause side effects. One month’s supply also comes in at about fifty dollars so we do not think that this product is worth the money.

Author: Jessica

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